The Nasty C Word

Maria Looking UpChange is inevitable. Sometimes it’s exciting, like when one embarks on a new career or welcomes home an infant. Other times, well … Today my dear friend and fellow Living by Grace Hostess, Maria Morgan, encourages us to grab hold of God as we follow Him toward where ever He leads, change and all.

3 Steps to Overcoming the Fear of Change

The days are getting longer. The breeze has lost its chill. Change is in the air. I love the transition from winter to spring. The promise of new growth and warmer temperatures encourages me to embrace a new season.

But all change isn’t as easy to welcome. Some changes bring pain, while others create fear. So how can I prepare myself for the change that is sure to come? God’s Word gives me real insight.Bible

I’m challenged by the Israelites. As they stood poised on the banks of the Jordan River, ready to enter the Promised Land, they had to make some decisions. No doubt they were ready to leave the wilderness far behind – but there was work to be done in this new land if they were to possess it. Hard work and plenty of unknowns.

How did they respond? What did they do to overcome their uneasiness about the new land they were about to enter?

1 – They trusted God.

Joshua encouraged the people with a promise from God. As soon as the priests stepped into the Jordan River, the waters would part and the people would be able to cross the river on dry ground. Instead of questioning God, the people chose to take Him at His word. (Joshua 3:13)

2 – They moved forward one step at a time.

Because the people chose faith over fear, they were able to concentrate on the task that lay ahead of them that day: “And the priests that bare the ark of the covenant of the Lord stood firm on dry ground in the midst of Jordan, and all the Israelites passed over on dry ground, until all the people were passed clean over Jordan.” (Joshua 3:17; KJV)

They didn’t have to worry about what they would face the next day. They chose to do what God expected them to do that day.

3 – They chose to remember God’s goodness.

God instructed the people to set up a memorial of 12 stones taken from the middle of the Jordan River, as a reminder of how He had provided a miraculous path for them to cross into the Promised Land. The people obeyed. The memorial served as a reminder to future generations of God’s strength and goodness. (Joshua 4:20-24)

The next time you’re faced with change, you have the opportunity to respond like the Israelites did: trust God, move forward one step at a time, and remember God’s goodness.

What step will you take today to address your uneasiness with change?

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for the clear direction You give in Your Word. Help me to trust You in the face of change, and to be willing to move forward step by step. Give me the grace to remember Your goodness. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

*Maria I. Morgan is an inspirational writer and speaker. She’s passionate about sharing the truths of God’s Word with today’s generation. She lives in Georgia with her husband and daughter. Visit her on the web and download a free copy of her eBook God Speaking @

I love grace–God’s continual, unmerited favor. I love the truth of 2 Corinthian 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.” We all face fears, weaknesses–emotions, events, and encounters that threaten to hold us back. But God is bigger than all of these. He is victorious, and through Him, we can be victorious as well. Victorious over fear, discouragement, stagnation, whatever.

Let’s talk about this. Are you facing a time of change? If so, what are some tangible things you can do *today* to draw near to God?

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  1. Thanks so much for allowing me to guest post, Jen! I constantly have to remind myself to look at change as an opportunity for growth. I’m very thankful that the Lord never changes – He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever!! God bless~

    1. That’s wonderful, Catrina. Change is hard, and often, in churches, it seems, it is felt the hardest. Maybe because more people are going through the changes. 🙂 But praise God He can use each change to bring about growth.

  2. Maria & Jennifer–I have to admit that what yanked me to read this post was the title: thank God that neither one of you has “c”ancer… I’d stopped breathing until this page opened. Whew!

    Okay, enough. Without exaggeration, this is the 2nd blog post that has spoken to me today. The first was at 4 AM when I was about to leave for work. And now this at 6 PM when I’m about to end my day. I love how God has bookended today with such strong encouragement to: change.

    Nothing huge. Nothing radical. Instead, I’m really believing He wants me to continue doing what I am already doing, but that I need to emphasize a different thread, something I didn’t think I could do because of a seemingly lack of degrees, etc. but I’m realizing that maybe there’s a reason why He didn’t give me a Ph.D. and that it’s by no means a handicap.

    1. Oh, Elaine, I felt so bad when I read your comment! I then worried how many other heart attacks I’d initiated. oy! But your comment also made me smile because I knew it came from a heart of a dear friend. Cherish you!

      That is so awesome that God continues to guide you! I am so excited to see where He leads you!

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